Triglie alla Livornese recipe

Triglie alla Livornese recipe

Triglie alla Livornese recipe


After the most famous dish of Livorno cacciucco, I want to tell another very popular dish from Livorno The main ingredients are logically seafood with considerable use of tomato. Triglie alla Livornese ( Reef Mullet Livorno Style ), a poor, simple dish, tasty strongly linked to the history of Livorno. Tradition has it that the fish are small 15 Inch

I love this dish is not to easy to eat to many bones!! but is so good.

Makes: 4 servings

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes

Triglie alla Livornese recipe

Triglie alla Livornese

12 mullet 1/4 pound each,
31 oz. of plum tomatoes or 19 oz. canned plum tomatoes
1/2 onion
2 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
extra virgin olive oil

Prepare a chopped with garlic and parsley and sauté it in a large roasting pan with plenty of olive oil. When aromas are beginning to Brown, add the tomato and simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes; stir occasionally with a wooden paddle.
At this point, wash and dry the fish and place them in Brown in a pan with the garlic and a little olive oil.
Just the fish will be ready, place in tomato sauce, pepatele and cook to moderate flame for a further 10 minutes moving in the Pan, but do not turn them over to prevent it from bursting.
When cooked, sprinkle with fennel seeds (according to the original recipe) or with chopped parsley served hot.
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Panzanella Salad

Panzanella salad

Panzanella salad is a typical summer recipe, which comes from the peasant cuisine of  Tuscany. Just a little stale bread and seasonal vegetables to get a fresh and tasty first course.

Panzanella salad is colorful, fresh and also convenient because you prepare ahead of time and is comfortable to carry out for pic-nic in a tupperware for lunch break at work.

Makes 4 people:

panzanella salad

1/2 pound country-style Tuscan bread, (preferably stale)
4 large vine ripened tomatoes, cut into large cubes
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1 red onion
1 cucumber
2 celery sticks
Extra virgin olive oil

Put the slices of stale bread in a bowl with water and let them soak for 20 minutes, then crumble it squeeze well in a salad bowl. Take sliced onion, celery and cucumber and tomatoes into pieces not too large.
Add the vegetables to the bread and mix well with your hands to make seasoning. Add salt and Basil oil and stir again. Panzanella must be kept in the refrigerator for at least an hour before it can be enjoyed at the peak of its freshness.

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Acquacotta soup recipe

Acquacotta soup recipe

Acquacotta soup a very old recipe of a poor dish of Tuscan tradition

Acquacotta soup recipe derives from typical lunch of the Butteri (Tuscan Cowboys) when they were in the country following the herds. Is a poor soup, which varies from area to area depending on the availability of ingredients, hence the name of Acquacotta (boiled water).
Being primarily a vegetable soup ingredients were collected directly in the country
When in the countryside of the Maremma bread advancing,  but it put aside to make Acquacotta.
In the city of Florence was the same, they kept the bread to make another soup “poor” called Ribollita.

Acquacotta vegetable soup
Makes: 4 servings
2 onion
4 slices of homemade breadns
4 eggs
11 oz.of ripe tomatoes or tinned peeled tomatoes.

2 cup of broth
grated pecorino cheese
a top of celery
extra-virgin olive oil

Prep time: 1 hour and a half


Put the onions, thinly cut to “droop” slowly in a pot with 5/6 tablespoons oil. When they are almost melted, add the tomatoes and celery chopped, salt and pepper. Simmer for one hour, occasionally shedding a ladle of broth. Place at the bottom of each Bowl a slice of toasted bread and pour boiling acquacotta. Crash on the top of bread  an egg, letting it rest long enough to bake like poached, not without having sprinkled with plenty of grated pecorino or flakes.
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Viareggio Seafood Stew – Cacciucco alla Viareggina –

Viareggio Seafood Stew  Cacciucco alla Viareggina

This is a variant of the famous soup made of Livorno on the coast of  Versilia.

The difference between the fish soup to Livorno and Viareggio, is in fish, from the rocks in Livorno, from sand in Viareggio .
The Livornese fish soup has a stronger flavor, the sauce is done with a lots of garlic. Viareggio is one of the lightest, nothing fried, garlic, and cook the fish has a more rapid near the end.

Cacciucco Viareggio

Cacciucco Viareggio

Makes: 4 servings

18 oz of Octopus
15 oz of Cuttlefish
10 oz of Mantis Shrimp
1  5 oz  Smooth-hound
2  7 oz  Blue fish
2  5 oz of Atlantic horse mackerel  or Tub gurnard , and poor fish as you like
4 tablespoons  of etravergine olive oil
4 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoons tomato paste

Stale Tuscan bread sliced and toasted

Clean the fish, deboned, cut into pieces, with scraps heads, bones prepare a broth in which then put them to cook the octopus, cuttlefish and smooth-hound fish .
No saute, no salt,

Only after about forty minutes, add tomato paste, whole garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Wait until you get a good softness of the octopus and cuttlefish (the smooth-hound  fish discarded completely and enriches the broth). Finally, throw the remaining pieces of fish cooked in a short time, five minutes, then serve immediately, with the fish soup served on a bed of sliced bread (with garlic on, if you like)


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Bread Soup Recipe – Minestra di pane – Vegetable Soup

Bread Soup Recipe – Minestra di pane

Vegetable Soup

Bread Soup Recipe Makes: 6 servings

Bread Soup Recipe

Vegetable soup

2 Cups (1 lb) of boiled Cannelini beans
11 oz  black cabbage
11 oz savoy cabbage
1 large onion
2 sticks celery
2 zucchini
2 carrots
4 tsp  of olive oil Tuscan
Stale Tuscan bread
1 broth cube
Salt and pepper


In a large saucepan bring extra virgin olive oil with the onion fine cut and fry slowly,  then finely chopped cabbage,  zucchini,  carrots, sticks celery  add a bit ’of water with salt and pepper, and cook everything for 40 Min.

Meanwhile, take 1 ladle of beans and put them in the pot, the rest pass in to  mixer along with the broth, add the rest, turning often, also make with broth cube.
Continue cooking over low heat. Taste if it’s the right flavor (must be tasty). Turn often.

Cut the bread into thin slices, place them in bulk in a large pans and funds,then pour the soup over the bread, making sure that the vegetables are distributed on . Then with a ladle full of holes so that the bread in the broth soaked it well,wait 20 minutes and serve.

The famous Ribollita is made with scraps of bread soup, that the day after they are placed in a pan on the stove and served with olive oil.

There is not a real list of ingredients, historically was put what was, but among the most important ingredients are undoubtedly the cabbage and beans.


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Tomato and bread soup – Pappa al pomodoro -

Makes: 4 person

18 oz. of skinned ripe tomatoes
10 oz. of dry bread
cloves garlic
3 white onions
olive oil

Chop the garlic and fry it (medium heat) along with sliced onions in a saucepan with 6 tablespoons of olive oil .
When they start to brown throw tomatoes cut it into small pieces, put in  basil in abundance salt and cook for fifteen minutes.

Soak the dried bread cut into slices in the vegetable broth, when the tomato begins to boil, add the bread

Cook for ten minutes, stirring frequently then turn off  the fire.
Do not worry if the bread has not been defeated, after an hour stir thoroughly to  break and crumb the bread usually the tomato and bread soup must be eaten warm (*)  but if you want you can put on the fire to warm it.

Before you serve it, add plenty of olive oil

(*) Traditionally this is a summer dish, in fact the best tomatoes and basil are best in  summer. But today these ingredients are found throughout the year.


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Fish soup from Livorno – Cacciucco alla Livornese –

Fish soup from Livorno Cacciucco alla Livornese

“Cacciucco Livornese” Recipe

Fish soup from Livorno Cacciucco alla Livornese

Fish soup cacciucco alla Livornese

Fish soup

Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook time: 1.30 hour
Tuscan specialty ingredients for the Cacciucco Livornese:

3,30 lb of assorted fish (*)
1,70 lb of stale bread cut into slices,
0.88 lb of tomato sauce
3-4 cloves garlic
1 /2 cup red wine
red pepper
olive oil
salt pepper chopped parsley (optional)

Put a brown in a frying pan with oil two pieces of crushed garlic. Combine a little chili pepper, wine, tomato sauce and let it evaporate.

Add the fish gradually, starting with what needs more cooking time and salt and cook stirring very gently.
Toast the bread and garlic, place it on the plates of diners (two slices per plate) and cover for fish soup.
Serve hot, sprinkled with chopped parsley (optional) and pepper.

(*) smooth dogfish, sole, mullet, gurnard, crayfish, scorpion fish,moray eel, octopus, squid, clams,


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